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No Experience Phone App Reviewer – Fully Remote

No Experience Phone App Reviewer - Fully Remote

Looking for a way to earn extra cash by testing productivity apps? If you use to-do list apps like Evernote and are based in the United States, we have a job opportunity for you! Our client is searching for ordinary individuals to download and test their productivity apps and provide feedback.

Job title: Earn $25 an hour testing and reviewing productivity apps similar to Evernote.

Job description: You have to download and use some productivity apps on your smartphone or tablet and write your opinions on your experience. But there’s just one small catch… We are only hiring a maximum of 5 people for this job, so you have to be quick.

Pay: $25 an hour.

Location: We’re hiring people from the United States for this job. So you’re a complete fit.

Requirements: Do you have 6 hours of free time each week to test these apps? And do you have access to a reliable internet connection and a smartphone or tablet? If both answers are yes, then you don’t need anything else. You’re all set!

Necessary experience: You don’t need to earn a ”master’s degree in productivity management” to work here. You can easily qualify for this job if you’ve ever used productivity apps like Evernote. But hurry up; we’re not hiring dozens of people. We only need 5.

So apply now if you don’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity to work remotely.