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Entry Level Game Tester - Immediate Start

Are you a fan of mobile games like Angry Birds? What if I told you that you could earn money by playing brand new action games that are just as exciting? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! We’re currently seeking individuals who are passionate about gaming and looking to earn up to $150 per day by testing and reviewing new mobile games.

Roles: You will be required to download apps to your smartphone or tablet and test out all app features. You will then need to write a short review of your experience and list any faults.

Requirements: You need to have access to at least one of the following; iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, Android Tablet

Pay: $25 per hour.

Location: You’ll be preferred if you live in the United States

Requirements: What else do you need for playing mobile games? An internet connection and a smartphone are more than enough.

Necessary Experience: Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a pro gamer to apply for this job. You have to know how to download apps and use them.

That’s it.

But there is just one small catch… As this job is super simple and fun to work on, everyone wants to participate. Everyone wants to get hired. And that’s why I’m telling you to hurry up and apply today because we won’t be able to hold this job for a long time.

So apply now!