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Remote Book Reviewer (Entry Level / No Experience)

What’s your favorite book? Harry Potter? Fifty Shades of Grey? A Prayer for Owen Meany? The Football Outsiders Almanac? What if I told you you could receive a fat daily paycheck for rereading your favorite books and reading new books? Because that’s precisely what today’s job offers…

Job title: Receive a daily paycheck for testing and reviewing reading apps like the Kindle app on your mobile or tablet

Job description: Whether you read every book in the charts or you have a single favorite you return to again and again, you could be suitable for the reading app tester and reviewer job space we’re looking to fill today. Thanks to the rise of tablets and smartphones, reading apps like Kindle and Wattpad are hugely popular, and we’re looking for five people to test and write online reviews for these apps. You don’t need to read books all the way through; take notes of your broad experience and write that up into a short review.

Pay: $30 ($300 per day)

Location: This is a remote job, so we’re considering people from all countries. We’re primarily interested in reviewing reading apps that focus on books written in English, so you’ll need a firm grasp of the language.

Requirements: As mentioned above, a grasp of the English language will be beneficial! Apart from that, a phone or tablet to test the apps on (and write your reviews on), an internet connection, and an enthusiasm for books wouldn’t go amiss either! The job has flexible hours, up to 10 a day (which could pay around $300).

Experience necessary: We’d love it if you are the world’s keenest reader and have experience reading books on your tablet or phone. But that experience isn’t necessary; it’s just a bonus. We need someone comfortable dedicating a few hours a day to thoroughly testing these reading apps and relating their direct experience, good or bad. Do you tick all the boxes above? If not, then no worries, I’m sure I’ll be in touch with a job more up your street soon.

But if you’ve read the above and you’re hungry to get started, I recommend you get ahead of the crowd and click the button below to apply now.